Brinkmann is your competent partner when it comes to equipment and solutions for high-temperature applications. Our systems and solutions can be found in the steel, copper and lime/cement industry. But also in of the petrochemical industry, we can serve you.

Another business field is gasification and pyrolysis with oil/oxygen burners for coal gasification and pyrolysis of biogenic material.

A limitation on certain industrial applications is unknown to us. We classify ourselves as a system provider for thermal issues. At new technologies we are with you already in the conceptual phase.

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  • Combustion of all solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, even as "Multi Fuel Burner". This maximizes your flexibility and reduces your energy costs
  • Combustion with pure oxygen, maximizes energy input and lowers NOx emissions
  • Combustion with pre-heated air
  • Combustion in high and fluctuating pressure environment
  • Combustion in vacuum condition
  • Combustion in inert atmospheres
  • Combustion of low calorific fuels
  • Burner output up to 300 MW
  • Integrated lance systems to optimize your thermal process
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